Powerful insight into your customer service

cmetrix offer a service which enables you to gain an insight into what your customers think. It asks your customers to rate your service and tell you why they rated you that way.

Automated System

The various methods of gathering information are built to run with little interaction from your employees. The customer can choose to complete one of the surveys at the point of contact with your organisation, whether that be online, on the telephone or on a visit to your office / customer service area.

Data Protection Registered

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Welcome to cmetrix Ltd

We provide a definitive package for Customer Insight and Satisfaction feedback and monitoring for the Public and Private sector. Our systems have been developed by working directly with the end user ensuring we provide not just a great set of tools but a system which truly delivers what you, the customer, have defined.

We believe our systems to be the best. Not just in performance and identifying cost savings but also in value. We have worked hard with our customers to develop systems which are cost effective and yet deliver as good (and we believe better) statistics than the industry leaders.

We collect data from any of six input channels. This data is then collated and displayed in an easy to follow, professional on-line system allowing immediate results and analysis.

All customer feedback can be matched against pre-defined services allowing you to track your feedback by specific area. This information allows you to identify areas for attention leading to both an improvement in the customer service and financial savings.

Your organisation may not suit all six channels, which is why we allow you to choose only those relevant to your organisation.

Whether it is rating the information provided on your website, or getting customer feedback in your Face To Face office, we use the latest technology to gather accurate information.

Latest Technology

Our cmetrix team are highly technical and are always seeking out the latest technology to enhance our products. From the latest touch screen innovations to digital telephony we like to keep one step ahead.

The cmetrix systems are very flexible and have been designed to allow you to customise to suit your requirements. The systems are suitable for organisations of all types and size.

The dynamic nature of cmetrix products allows many types of organisation to fulfill their requirements, be it using touch screen technology, web, telephone or face to face. We can develop systems to order.

Channel Shift and service performance

Our product is ideal in assisting local government authorities in monitoring and identifying areas for 'channel shift'. We collect statistics from all your channels and services, using our online reporting tool you can easily identify problem areas where large savings can be made by improving specific channel services and shifting the customers channel use of choice.